Grow Smart, Risk Less: A Low-Capital Path to Multiplying Your Business Through Franchising

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    автор на обложкеShelly Sun
    издательствоGreenleaf Book Group
    год выпуска2011
    количество страниц300

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    О книге

    Experienced franchiser Shelly Sun shares practical advice, insights, and her own compelling experiences to help readers discover the power and avoid the pitfalls of franchising their businesses. Features: A low-risk, low-capital path to astounding growth. In todays economic environment, and long into the future, access to capital is limited. Successful business owners have few options for dramatically expanding their brand, taking it to the regional, national, or even international arena. This book describes how readers, through franchising, can use other peoples money and leverage their success for rapid growth; Covers the entire process of franchising. Most books on franchising focus on educating the franchisee, but this book is designed to fully educate the franchiser. The author walks readers through each stage of the franchising process: from determining if they have a franchisable concept, to assembling a professional team without wasting money, to adjusting the business model along the way for optimum growth, to growing as a leader to assume new challenges; Written by an experienced, nationally lauded franchiser. Unlike many authors of books on franchising, Shelly Sun has been through the process, growing her business from $1 million to $100 million in five years. Shes been named entrepreneur of the year by the International Franchise Association and is being featured on a network prime-time show about compelling companies. The book offers practical advice like that in Franchising for Dummies, with a focus on business growth for the franchiser, as in Franchising and Licensing by Andrew Sherman.

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