The Keeper of Lost Things

    ширина упаковки130
    высота упаковки30
    глубина упаковки200
    автор на обложкеRuth Hogan
    авторРут Хоган
    тип изданияОтдельное издание
    тип обложкиМягкая обложка
    формат издания150x220
    издательствоTwo Roads
    год выпуска2018
    количество страниц320
    язык изданияАнглийский

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    О книге

    Meet the Keeper of Lost Things. Once a celebrated author of short stories now in his twilight years, Anthony Peardew has spent half his life collecting lost objects, trying to atone for a promise broken many years before. Realising he is running out of time, he leaves his house and all its lost treasures to his assistant Laura, the one person he can trust to fulfil his legacy and reunite the thousands of objects with their rightful owners.But the final wishes of the Keeper of Lost Things have unforeseen repercussions which trigger a most serendipitous series of encounters...

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