Organisational Development in the 21st Century: Learning for Success - Lessons from Singapores Learning Organisations

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    Research into organisational learning is becoming important as organisations recognise the potential power of learning for increasing organisational performance, competitiveness and success. There is a need for organisations to learn faster and respond to rapid changes in the external environments; otherwise, they simply will not survive. Against this backdrop, this book addresses the development of organisational learning at various levels and explores the link between organisational learning and performance outcomes. It provides a three-fold perspective on organisational learning: theoretical perspectives, application in practice, and case studies. Part I provides a critical insight into both the conceptual and empirical literature of the learning organisation. Part II discusses a theoretical framework based on behavioural and cognitive learning theories while Part III illustrates four cases from Singapores private and public learning organisations. A unique feature of the book is the inclusion of a glossary of terms associated with learning in organisational contexts which will be beneficial for researchers and practitioners.

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