Dear Preston: Doing Business With Our Hearts: A Practical and Friendly Guide to Running Your Own Creative Service Business

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    О книге

    When you run a creative service business, you face a unique set of challenges. Typically youre passionate about what you do, but you probably struggle with problems common to many creative professionals: How do I balance my talent and ideas with the demands of the client? How do I make a living with my art? What can I do to keep clients from going with my dirt-cheap competitor? Preston Bailey, one of the countrys top event designers and a leading figure in his industry, answers these and many more in Dear Preston. In an engaging advice-column format, he offers his guidance on the questions he is asked most frequently. Preston skyrocketed to success by running his business from the heartspecifically, relying on his empathy, generosity, and trustand here he shares that philosophy with other creative service professionals, showing how they can use it to delight customers, maintain profits, and stay true to themselves as artists. Peppered with stories from Prestons fabulous, celebrity-sprinkled career, Dear Preston is infused with warmth, enthusiasm, and rich experience. Whether youre deep into your career or still just dabbling, youll be enriched and inspired by this heart-driven approach to selling your talent and ideas. Dear Preston . . . How do I start getting experience? Whats the best way to find new clients? Will I ever be able to stop procrastinating? How can I get out of a creative rut? How do I handle a client whos insisting on a terrible idea? Is it okay to discount my services? What should be on my website? Celebrated event designer Preston Bailey answers more than seventy questions like these, most of which he received through, one of the event industrys most dynamic websites. With each reply, he shows creative service professionals that the path to fulfillment lies in doing business with their hearts.

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