An appraisal of the Open and Distance Learning Programme in Nigeria

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    Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programme has been considered as one of the most important educational innovations in Nigeria. This programme has offered access to many people who would have previously been denied access to educational opportunities based on where they live and work, poor-economic circumstances, social status etc. Open and Distance Learning remains the primary mechanism for the information-driven age, a tool that has bridged the gap between developed and developing communities. This book, therefore, provides the concept, the evolution, the relevance and the problems of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in Nigeria. It was discovered that despite the huge benefits of the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programme in Nigeria, proper implementation of the programme is still faced with a lot of challenges. It was recommended that the Nigerian government should thus subsidise ODL programmes just like the conventional school system and improve electricity supplies to the nation.

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