How The Promotion of Womens Political Rights is Backfiring

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    год выпуска2011
    автор на обложкеAliaa Dawoud
    язык изданияАнглийский
    издательствоLAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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    О книге

    This book investigates the interplay between women, media & politics in Egypt. It uses theories of authoritarianism & corporatism to analyze how the state deals with women’s activists & their access to the media, with particular emphasis on the privately owned media. Also, the book uses the notion of state feminism to analyze the Egyptian governments approach to womens issues & how it relates to media treatment of women & their rights. In addition, the book draws on theories of post & neo colonialism to analyze how efforts in the area of women’s rights by both the government & activists relate to the international framework, which promotes a specific version of women’s rights. Furthermore, the book investigates middle-class Egyptian womens views on womens political participation & their reception of political drama. As a result, the book breaks new ground in theorizing the relationship between the state and women’s activists and thus explains the activists’ media access. It also develops the notion of state feminism & relates it to the media. Furthermore, the study reveals and theorizes how the privately owned media in Egypt is subtly controlled by the state.

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